Home Curtain’s fabric red color

Home Curtain’s fabric red color

Home curtain’s not black out, but able to withstand 50-80% sunlight. I am sharing with you about such a Curtain fabric.

I have added 6 different pictures here. This fabric is mainly used as Curtain of Living Rome. Roman Blinds are also made with this fabric. Roman Blinds is a modern and tasteful product. Which is attractive to look at and comfortable to use. The use of this blind in modern age windows is popular.

Basic Curtains and Design Curtains are also made with this fabric. Blackout fabrics are not usually required in the hall room or living room. In fact, it is not a blackout fabric. However, the intense heat of the sun cannot enter the room through one. The light that comes in, like the moon light, no longer needs an electric light. This fabric called Home Curtain is most used to decorate the living room. Decorating the house with improved and standard fabrics gives a touch of modernity.

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