Three or four steps Sheer Design

Three or four steps Sheer Design

Three Steps Sheer Design, it is basically made using clear Sheer 3 or 4 color fabric. Inside is a strip of clear sheer (I took a white floral design), a design of plain or sablein cotton on it (I took the color sky blue). On top of that, half rings of cloth are made with fabrics of other colors (such as light green and light yellow). If you want, you can also give a light wooden box above. You can understand by looking at the two pictures of a customer’s house designed by us.

Design Curtain with Sheer

This type of design is basically made for those who want to decorate their house in an attractive way with different types of design sheer. Usually living room, hall room or meeting room are decorated with such exterior design. It expresses the taste of the homeowner and delights the guests.

If you want, you can add Blackout Curtain fabric with such design and use it in the bedroom. We have all kinds of skilled design craftsmen. Who always work for customer satisfaction.

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